Considering that we are located in such a dry region we made a decision that we should be using all the available water there is. That means also trying to use as much rainwater as possible. So when we finally got the chance, we installed a rainwater harvesting system.

Starting with finding a big reservoir where to accumulate and store the rainwater

End result – multiple reservoirs around the house filled with water that can be used for irrigating the gardens.

In other news, a glance at the garden progression – beans winding around corn, potatoes thriving and kiwi plant gradually settling into its new home.

Meanwhile, other plants are showing off with already visible future yield.

Mmmm, strawberries in the midst of active production. Pampering us with delicious berries. And even better when combined with some chocolate…


Yes, yes. Next winter is still far away but it’s good to be prepared beforehand. The firewood will be resting in this circular construction until the cold returns.

In the meantime, we keep on hosting different groups and events. With open arms we received our friends from the Netherlands – a group of teachers and students who visit us in La Jarilla every year. Yet another annual adventure has passed successfully and joyfully.

But during Easter holidays an acroyoga camp took place in La Jarilla. Teaching yoga basics also to the little ones.

Different hands-on workshops during the camp.

Practicing a healthy lifestyle. First things first, starting a day with an organic and delicious breakfast.

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